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Cheap window tint and why you should avoid it.

When it comes to window tint, cheapest is not best.

You may have ended up on my blog post by searching for "window tint" or "window tinting near me" and I am glad you are here! I am going to explain the difference between my business and what I consider "bargain tinters" you may find on Google or Facebook.

Many cheaper installers use a traditional dyed window film that will fade and turn purple over time. This picture I found online (See below) shows the results of a typical, cheap, dyed film after a few years in the sun.

You can see that it has faded and the adhesive has started to fail, causing the film to bubble. At this point, it would most likely be more expensive for a professional to remove this tint than it would have originally cost to have a better film installed in the first place.

Here are the different types of window tints you will likely encounter in your search, this list is not all inclusive but does cover a majority of the types you will see or hear about.

Dyed Film - This is a dyed material that is subject to fading from exposure to UV rays. It is cheaper from an installation point but is not a film that I offer. It is usually the cheapest available tint and is prone to longevity issues. (See picture below of a typical dyed film a few years after installation)

Metalized Film - This one is a little less common for automotive applications but you will find some installers that offer it. The biggest drawback of this film is that it can interfere with your cellular signal and GPS signal inside of your car as the film actually has particles of metal (not visible) in the tint to help with heat rejection, also a film I do not offer.

Carbon Film - This is by far the most popular type of film on the market. It offers great heat rejection, color stability (won't fade), doesn't interfere with any type of signals and blocks up to 99% of UV Rays keeping you and your passengers safer and more comfortable.

Ceramic Film - This is the high end film, the best of the best. It offers the greatest amount of heat rejection available, color stability and protection as ceramic film helps a window from shattering. It also will not interfere with GPS or Cellular signals.

My base film is a carbon deposit film that is guaranteed against adhesive failure or fading, it will always remain the same color! Carbon is one of the most popular types of tint available, offering all the benefits at a fair price.

I encourage you to ask questions to your potential installer, whoever you choose (hopefully me!), regarding the type of film they use and what type of warranty is offered. I believe you should be informed before making a decision!

Our window tint comes with a lifetime installation warranty as well as a lifetime warranty against fading of peeling. Don't settle for cheap window tint and don't take your chance with a fly-by-night tint company, make the correct investment the first time with a local business that stands by their work!

I am always available for any questions you may have and encourage you to reach out to me, An informed consumer is my favorite type! Thank you for reading.


P: 734-408-1389

Pinckney, MI

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Don't use that dyed window film, ask windshield replacement experts to use high quality sheet for window tinting.

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