Window Tinting
Automotive - Residential - Commercial

Thinking about having your home or business windows tinted? Not only can it offer privacy, it can save you money on utilities by blocking heat, save your furniture from being sun-faded as it blocks UV rays as well, did I mention that it looks cool too?? Call or text me today (734-408-1389) and we can schedule a no hassle consultation. 


I use only Carbon and Ceramic films that are guaranteed not to fade and discolor over time like traditional "dyed" films, which I do not offer. 

Carbon film is a mid-range film. Carbon film offers heat rejection, provides protection from fading to upholstery, seats, dashboards etc. and will not fade over time while blocking up to 99% of UV light. 
Ceramic film is top of the line film. It offers all of the benefits as carbon film as well as excellent heat rejection by blocking up to 50% of Infrared light and up to 99% of UV light.  
All window tint jobs will come with a lifetime warranty against bubbling and peeling. 


Please note, for mobile window tint jobs. I do require that you have a garage that the vehicle can be put in while I tint. If that is not an option, I will need the vehicle brought to me. 

Home, Business, Automotive, Boats, Heavy machinery, Semis, Campers. If it's got glass, We will tint it! 

Mobile Window Tinting. Ann Arbor, Pinckney, Brighton, Howell, Dexter and more.